Moving Tips

Moving Tips from East Coast Van Lines and Storage

moving tipsThese are East Coast Van Lines and Storage moving tips to make your move run more smoothly to be a success.


We offer a complete pre-packing service using experienced and professional packers who know what is require to safely pack using sturdy cartons, wrapping paper, felts, bubble wrap and shrink wrapping where required. ( All quotations will offer our pre packing service and pricing, this will only8 be included within your quotation if specified upon submission of your quotation )

We have a set price per carton that includes all packing materials and our labour costs. There is a flat fee for standard large cartons (tea chests) and standard smaller cartons (book | wine cartons)


To save additional charges relating to your relocation, you can pack all cartons yourself, please see below information.

What boxes/cartons do I use ?????

It is best to use professional relocation cartons when packing, as these have been designed by our industry for relocations. They will usually be double the thickness of grocery cartons, which enables them to hold shape through the rigours of transport and will avoid crushing and damage to precious items.

Clean butchers paper is recommended to wrap your items before placing into cartons, newspaper is fine to use as padding/protective material, but stains items and all items would need to be washed upon arrival at you new residence, with butchers paper, it will be as easy as take out of the carton and place into the cupboard.


Providing we have been advised, we can supply ports robes free of charge on the day of uplift, this will allow you to place all hanging items into the porta robe to save you time and ironing of garments upon arrival, porta robes can be unpacked upon delivery.

How heavy can I pack cartons??

As a general rule limit the carton weight to a maximum of 25 kilos each. This will allow for quick and efficient loading of cartons, as well as ensuring the contents cannot break through the bottom when being carried. Taping cartons is an important factor. We recommend setting up your carton with the 4 flaps all folded in, and taping both ways across the bottom and top of the carton to avoid the contents falling out when lifted. To ensure carton strength, and reduce the possibility of cartons collapsing during transit. Fill with padding, or scrunched paper to ensure that cartons are full and tightly packed prior to tapping and finishing. This will ensure that no displacement takes place throughout transport.

Can I use plastic tubs ??

Yes, providing they are of high quality and packed in a similar manner as above, plastic tubs should be packed to a maximum weight of 15kg to ensure they do not fracture or disintegrate throughout transport, all plastics tubs/crates should also be taped.

Fragile and hard to pack items

When packing dinner sets, plates, bowls and dishes etc they need to be packed on their edges with a layer of padding below and above each layer in the carton. The edge of the plates, bowls and dishes is the strongest point to eliminate the vibration and any pressure during the transit period.

Cups, glasses, flutes etc need to be packed vertically in a carton. Once again with a layer of padding below and above each layer in the carton.

Should I mark my cartons ??

All cartons should be marked with which room they have come from, client name, and all fragile or top load cartons labelled accordingly.